Fan Fic by AJB


Fan Fic by AJB

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Welcome to my fanfiction page! You will find all of my works here, in one place. Please do not share links or files without asking me first, okay? I like to keep track of the sites hosting my tales. Remember: Feedback is thoroughly encouraged and enjoyed!



September 8, 2019: I just uploaded my novel Path of Fire on my Lancer page. It is the first time this story has been online since first written.


Fan Fic by AJB

I am an unabashed Vin fan. I also sprinkle a lot of Chris and Ezra around for that full-bodied effect!

Feedback encourages the fickle muse!

All One Shots link to a separate page. Read the longer stories by clicking on the adjacent .PDF file to open. These stories are formatted to print out into book form if desired. Or, read as a document online. Enjoy! - AJB

Fast reads in one sitting!

The Cabin in the Woods (ATF) 2016

A spooky Halloween tale.


The Nutcracker (ATF)                  2014

A humorous after Christmas tale. What's JD to do with a leftover gift?


A Beautiful Mess (ATF)              2015

JD needs Ezra's help . . . fashion help, that is!


Close Your Eyes (ATF)                 2012

Vin hears a Sandy Hook news report and one phrase haunts him.

Horse Play (ATF)                          2018

Equine centered silliness.


Longer, chapter stories


This novel-sized tale follows Vin deep into Mexico as he reclaims his life and reputation. The rest of the Seven put their jobs on the line to help.      2012


Crossover with Without A Trace where twins Vin Tanner & Martin Fitzgerald meet under very dangerous circumstances.            2007


This crossover with Without A Trace unites the new found twins once again where they trek themselved right into trouble.    2008


A "how they met" story with The Sentinel flavoring. How U.S. Marshal Vin Tanner became a member of ATF Team 7.         2018

Longer, chapter stories

SHOP WITH A COP  (Modern Day)

Set in my own (open) alternate Little Britches universe, this is another "how they met" story focusing on Chris & Vin.



Set in the Little Britches universe. Chris & Vin go camping. The rest of the Seven have to save them. 2015


Set in the Little Britches universe. Vin is kidnapped and Chris' life spirals downward until his adopted son is found.



Set in an alternate Little Britches universe, this story follows Saving Grace. Just when the Seven think Vin is safe. 2009

7 x 5 x 15 : Book One (ATF)

Set in an alternate Little Britches universe, and follows Saving Vin. By the end of this book, the Seven are set upon new paths. 2013

7 x 5 x 15 : Book Two (ATF)

This follows Book One and shows where the Seven's paths lead 15 years later. 2014


Fan Fic by AJB

Martin really fires up my muse!

Feedback is always welcome

"One Shots" link to a story page. Chapter stories open as a .PDF - click on the icon

AFTER EFFECT - A 'what happens next' flash from the pilot episode after Martin's head meets a baseball bat. This is my only WAT 'one-shot' story (and my first WAT fic!).

FULL MOON & CHINA WHITE - While trying to help a friend, Martin walks blindly into a crime in progress. 

FULL MOON & DENVER'S SEVEN - Crossover with The Magnificent Seven (TV series)Twins Martin Fitzgerald & Vin Tanner meet under deadly circumstances. 

THE CAMPING TRIP - Crossover with The Magificent Seven. Newfound brothers Martin and Vin trek into the Colorado mountains and right into trouble. (A stand-alone sequel to Full Moon & Denver's Seven)





This story trio follows the (mild) romance of Martin & Samantha over a year.

Not a 'shipper? Neither am I, really, so there's plenty o' Martin whump, too!


TO HAVE AND HOLD - A twisted tale of love.


MOTHER'S DAY - Martin's plans for Samatha's first Mother's Day goes horribly awry.


NOWHERE MAN - Rapid fire tragedies are too much for Martin to handle alone.


Fan Fic by AJB

Heads Up : Johnny fan here !

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"One Shots" link to a story page. Chapter stories open as a .PDF file (and print out beautifully!) - Click on the icon


Quick reads in one sitting

A Trio Of Gifts - Mudoch muses about his Christmas fortune.


East Meets West - Polo, Lancer style. (My first Lancer fic!)


Hoof & Mouth - Words can get a man in trouble.


Perfection - What they say happens with practice.


Rescue Race - The race is on!


The Lady in Green - Mary Sue arrives in Moyo Coyo.


A collection of imbibed tales

I : Tequila Dreams


II: Tequla Dreams, Too


III: Tequila Realities


IV: Tequila Sunrise


V:  Beans & The Boston Gentleman

(AKA: Tequila Beans)


a Lancer novel

This epic story continues the Lancer saga after the conclusion of the TV series. Written in 2008, this is the first time I have posted the story online. Warning: It may be a rough read for sensitive Lancer fans.


For a longer experience

The Adventure of Mark Sullivan - Johnny finds himself as the hero in a little boy's story.


Schism of the Heart - Tragedy and sorrow shroud Lancer and divides brothers.


Healing of the Heart - Teresa takes the lead in uniting her estranged brothers in this sequel to Schism of the Heart.


Shadows of Yesterday - In losing one life, Johnny finds another.


Reputation & Consequence - Scott experiences the result of Johnny's gunfighter background.


Beef to Ft. Bowie - The final, unfilmed episode of the series in a novelized form.


Fan Fic by AJB

I have been a hardcore Illya fan since I first laid eyes on him. Just sayin'. . .

Feed the muse with calorie rich feedback!

"One Shots" link to a story page. Chapter stories open as a .PDF file (and print out beautifully!) - Click on the icon


Shorter stories for a quick read!


A bridge, a blindfold, & a brother waiting


The Briefs Affair

A challenge to escape


The Ferret Legging Affair

It's a cringe-worthy sport!


The It's Over Before It's Begun Affair

Why bother to unpack?


The Redheaded Robyn Affair

Surveillence goes awry.


The Short Story Affair

Anything to stay alert just a little longer!


The Under the Moon Affair

Survival tactics become interesting.


My Affair With Pale Rider & The Chin

The boys from a spectator's view.


Snuggle down and have snacks on hand!

THE HOMELAND AFFAIR - (My first UNCLE fanfic!) Illya gets trapped in his native country and must escape execution as a traitor.

THE ODYSSEUS PROGRAM AFFAIR - Illya's past lover must help destroy the first computer virus. Will he get burned again?

THE FORMULA T AFFAIR - Illya is an unwitting guinea pig for a THRUSH drug.

THE DEERWOOD SANCTUARY AFFAIR - Illya goes undercover and loses his mind.

THE CONDITIONED RESPONSE AFFAIR - When Illya is recovered from capture, Napoleon finds out his partner's been programmed for treason.

THE BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR AFFAIR - How could someone not know they've been kidnapped?

THE PRINCESS GAMBIT AFFAIR - A young innocent must help an injured Illya complete a mission.

THE RUNNING MAN AFFAIR - Angelique fiddles with Illya's brain and now he's out of control.

THE STARLING AFFAIR - Napoleon nudges Illya's lost memory awake with talk of friendship.

THE UNCLE OLYMPICS AFFAIR - Five field offices offer up teams for a "friendly" globetrotting competition.

THE MYSTERY IN THE SKY AFFAIR - Only Illya knows the capabilities of THRUSH's newest weapon, but a head wound blocks his recall.

THE WINGS AFFAIR - Illya & Napoleon go undercover at a California college to stop sabotauge. 



I have an unfinished piece called The Isolationists Affair that has been sitting for years. I really would like to complete it, but I am toying with the idea of collaborating with a co-writer to get it done. Interested? Email me!    -  AJB


Fan Fic by AJB

My very first written fanfic! Sam and I have a history!


Beginnings - 


Partners - 


Together Again - My version of Sam's final leap. The TV version was unsatisfying!


Years after the conclusion of the TV series of five seasons, I connected with M.J. Cogburn online and we continued the series online, starting with the 6th Virtual Season. It was the most amazing collaborative writing project I've ever experienced! Here are my individual and co-written contributions. To see the entire collection through Season 14, check out the Archives here: Al's Place


Double the Leap, Double the Danger


The Curse of the Dead Camper


Garage Band


I'll Be Home for Christmas (Parts 1 & 2)


I'm Getting Married in Absentia


Intersection With A Leaper




Silent Victims


Fallen Hero


Hostile Takeover


Leaping in the Doghouse


Leapless in New Mexico






Contract With A Leaper


Family Ties


I Will Love You


Saving Quiet Ryan



Leap From Hell


The View From Here



To Say Goodbye

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