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Quantum Leap

I wrote a few QL stories before M.J. Cogburn and I created the Quantum Leap Virtual Seasons site in 1999. The idea of the V.S. was to continue Sam's story beyond the (disappointing) series finale. The V.S. travels I wrote or co-wrote are listed by season, beginning with the first online season, Season Six. Peruse the site archives for other QL stories!


The pre - Virtual Seasons stories are listed under the Stand Alone Travels where I began my online fan fiction writing when I discovered  and will open as .PDF files. Keep in mind that these are my first published online stories and, boy, I've learned a lot since!

Virtual Seasons Travels

          SEASON EIGHT

- I Will Love You Pt. 1

- I Will Love You Pt. 2

- Brotherhood Pt.1

- Brotherhood Pt. 2

- Contract With A Leaper

- Saving Quiet Ryan

- Family Ties

- Leap From Hell Pt. 1

          SEASON NINE

- Leap From Hell Pt. 2

- Leap From Hell Pt. 3

- The View From Here

- Trainspotting

- Atonement

          SEASON TEN

- A Flying Leap

- Remember Me

- Leap for the Truth

- To Say Goodbye

Stand Alone Travels


Sam leaps into a terminally ill man who is afraid to tell his wife about his condition.


Sam leaps into the 1970s to save some lives and change a female officer's line of work.



My version of how the series SHOULD have ended!Rate it "satisfying"!

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